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A&I Services

Abstracting & Indexing Services are databases that gather scientific publications (mostly journals but also books). In these databases, content is being indexed and metadata as well as abstracts are being displayed and provided to their users on a chargeable basis. This increases the visibility and discoverability of scientific content enormously. In the context of scholarly research, these tools become increasingly more important.

At Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlage, we administrate the data transfer of our content to selected A&I services using the V&R eLibrary. We generally like to work with all services and provide support when signing up to them (examples would be Scopus and Web of Science). Not only do we cooperate with providers that cover a large scope of topics such as Ebsco and ProQuest, but we also build upon our cooperation with databases focussing on a specific subject such as ATLA (theology), PubPsych (psychology), MLA (linguistics) and ERIH Plus (social sciences). Moreover, we are always interested in the input of our authors: If there is an A&I service that is of particular relevance to your subject, do not hesitate and let us know by sending this information to [email protected] and we'll get in touch with that specific service provider.