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Mentalization based treatment (MBT) in der Gruppe - neues Paradigma oder alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen?


Mentalizsation-based Treatment in Groups - A new Paradigm or old Wine in new Bottles? Empirical studies demonstrate good efficiency of mentalization based treatment (MBT) as developed by Fonagy, Bateman and Target in the therapy of borderline personality disorders. The reception of these results shows two opposing positions. One posits MBT as a new paradigm capable of profoundly changing or even replacing group analysis. The other position doubts the essential novelty of MBT. The authors reflect both positions and demonstrate the general usefulness of MBT as part of an enlarged praxeology of group analysis also outside borderline-pathology proper. They describe their experience in common out-patient groups and show how typical MBT-interventions fit in with the usual repertoire of group-analysis. Different kinds of interventions according to different degrees of mentalization capacity are discussed. Whenever there is a partial lack or suspension of mentalization capacity, interventions in the sense of "MBT-informed group-analysis" are apt to leave the impasse. So there is no alternative between MBT or group-analysis. The author's plea is for MBT as part of group-analysis.