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Zwischen Übersteuerung und Untersteuerung

Charakteristika und therapeutische Vorgehensweise in der Musiktherapie bei strukturellen Störungen


Following the concept of structure-related psychotherapy according to Rudolf and based on the understanding and approach of Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnostics (OPD-2), the question was examined whether and to what extent structural abilities and deficits can be differentiated, diagnostically classifiable and therapeutically addressed in the context of music therapy. In addition to theoretical considerations on structural development and diagnostics, therapeutic considerations, especially for music therapy with people with psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders, were derived. Comparing structural functions at a moderately integrated and slightly integrated structural level according to OPD-2, the results of a qualitative clinical study, which are presented in extracts, confirm differences in self- and relationship regulation: These differently developed structural abilities and deficits necessitate differentiations in the therapeutical approach, for example concerning the therapeutical attitude and setting priorities in music therapeutic interventions. On the basis of selected music therapeutic sequences from a clinical setting, music therapeutic »anchor examples« were developed for specific structural dimensions according to OPD-2 and consequences for therapeutic procedures were outlined.