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Clinical and Empirical Findings with the OPD-CA 60 clinical patients (5-17 years) were diagnosed with an interview-manual of OPD-CA (Winter, 2004). For clinical validity a comparison of patients with internal (N = 17) and external disorders (N = 19) was shown. References for clinical validity resulted from the comparison of the groups, especially for the axes "conflict" and "prerequisites for treatment". Patients with internal disorders showed the conflict desire for care versus autarchy significantly more often than patients with external disorders. On the other hand patients with external disorders displayed the conflict submission versus control significantly more often. Significant differences were also found for the axis "prerequisites for treatment". Patients with internal disorders had better "prerequisites for treatment" in the domains experience of illness and the prerequisites for therapy. For the axes "interpersonal relation", "structure" and "prerequisites for treatment" satisfactory data for validity and reliability were found. The clinical validity points to the usefulness of OPD-CA-manual for psychodynamic diagnostics in childhood and adolescence. Prax. Kinderpsychol. Kinderpsychiat. 60/2011, 41-59