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Behandlungscluster und Personalbemessung in der psychosomatischen Medizin und Psychotherapie – Ergebnisse einer Machbarkeitsstudie zum Plattformmodell


Treatment clusters and personnel assessment in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy – results of a feasibility study of the platform model

Objectives: In accordance with the legal requirements of the PsychVVG, it is necessary to develop criteria for inpatient and day-care psychosomatic psychotherapeutic care, which can be used to determine the appropriate staffing for different treatment areas and different care structures. For psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy a model with four treatment clusters was developed, which is oriented on the one hand to the psychotherapeutic intensity and on the other hand to the medical expenditure.

Method: In three consecutive rounds with up to 30 experts, representative selected from the three institution types university hospital, departmental psychosomatic medicine and specialized clinic, the minute values per patient required for a treatment according to the guidelines were determined using the Delphi method. Newly developed activity profiles for the six occupational groups were used, which allow the recording of all patient- and setting-related activities.

Results: With the results of the feasibility study, an instrument has been developed for the first time to determine the requirements of staffing in psychosomatic medicine. Convergent minute values could be formulated for three of the four treatment clusters.

Conclusions: The provision of care in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy is complex, so that a limitation to four treatment areas is only possible if significantly more generous equivalence rules are applied between the professional groups than those laid down in the PPP Directive.