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Geschlechterspezifische Un_Ordnungen in Österreich 1914–1920. Die „Österreichische Revolution“ in Tagebüchern und Briefen


Focusing on letters and diaries, this article examines how contemporaries tried to make sense of changes that occurred in the course of the “Austrian revolution” around 1918. These changes were often perceived of as revolutionary and related to aspects specific to categories such as gender, age and class. We examine different forms of possible participation in said revolutionary context, focusing on the topics of care, protest movements, the right to vote and (gainful) work. Women, men and children of different social backgrounds and political convictions described these years as a period of disorder, bearing in themselves previously unimaginable challenges but also opportunities. Personal papers show that the “Austrian Revolution” not only had dimensions of state politics, but also had an impact on the individual level.