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Bildung – eine Spurensuche in der Individualpsychologie


The main question is whether Individual Psychology formulates an explicit theory of education (Bildung) and whether implicit conceptions of education manifest themselves in its theory and practice.

With reference to Dietrich Benner, the first step is a systematic clarification of the concepts of education (Erziehung and Bildung) and of their relationship to Individual Psychology. After that, essential aspects of modern educational thinking – from the Enlightenment to the 20th century – are exemplarily confronted with Individual Psychology, and some areas of individual psychological practice are questioned on their educational content. Finally, the example of Manès Sperber is given to illustrate that Individual Psychology can inspire educational thinking anchored in culture and psychology.

The conclusion is that the often-postulated educational affinity of Individual Psychology is confirmed and that essential individual psychological categories can be allocated to formal education. Nevertheless, there is no canon of education and no coherent theory of education based on Individual Psychology. To develop such a theory would be a task for the future.